When He Fights Jon Jones, Rashad Evans is Going to Work Off Emotion

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Some have questioned whether the long running feud between former training partners Rashad Evans and Jon Jones has been fabricated or exaggerated, blown up to increase hype for their impending UFC 145 main event tilt.

During a recent appearance on MMA Uncensored Live, Evans was asked how legitimate their beef is, whether or not, given the choice, he would rather beat Jones down or have him as a lifelong friend. Right now, the answer is easy for Evans to find, though he admits he may feel differently when all is said and done.

"At this point, I would rather beat his ass. But, I mean, you know, it's kinda crazy because I'm going off the emotion I feel right now. A friend for life is a pretty good friend. So, I guess maybe the friend for life would be one that lasts longer, because a win in the cage is just a win in the cage."

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