When All Else Fails, Throw Your Shoe At The Guy With The Ball (Video)


Lakers point guard Ronnie Price enlisted the help of an unlikely object to help him out on defense yesterday. Price lost his shoe, and consequently the ball, mid-play during a preseason game against the Warriors, but that didn’t stop him from trying to make a play.

Instead of, you know, putting his shoe back on, Price picked up his shoe and threw it at Warriors forward Andre Iguodala. Price’s toss missed both Iguodala and the ball, but makes for a good blooper clip nonetheless.


As the announcers in the video predicted, Price did end up getting called for a technical on the play.

Golden State ended up winning the game by a 108-71 score.

The Warriors open their season on Oct. 29 with a road game against the Sacramento Kings, and the Lakers will kick things off on Oct. 28 with a home game against the Rockets. 


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