'Wheelchair-Bound' Fans Stand While Watching World Cup

The World Cup recently caught some bad press over local police using tear gas and real bullets on protesters and wobbly wooden stadium steps.

Now, it is being reported that several wheelchair-bound fans were actually standing during the World Cup's opening game between Brazil and Croatia.

The Telegraph notes that several of the tickets designated for disabled people were sold on the black market. The tickets require the user to be disabled, so the fakers have been rolling into the stadium in wheelchairs. There have also been reports of young adults sitting in seats that are reserved for seniors.

Fortunately, CCTV cameras caught some of the not-so-disabled people leaping to their feet during the game. The police are investigating the incident.

According to the Daily Star, the disabled tickets are originally sold as two-for-one (so the disabled fan can take a companion), but scalpers sell both tickets.

Brazilian law requires that one percent of stadium be set aside for the disabled, but the truly needy are apparently getting less than that.

Sources: Daily StarThe Telegraph


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