What Happened to Manchester United?


Another weekend, another 3 points from a winning position thrown away, another media frenzy regarding Mr Rooney, exactly what is going on at United at the moment?

On the pitch

Who would have thought West Brom could get anything from Old Trafford? most sportsbook web sites didn’t. Ok so West Brown beat Arsenal 3-2 at the Emirates recently but I had that down as one of those “freaky” results that happens from time to time.

We had quickly sailed into a 2-0 lead, missed a few more chances but finished the first half in control only for two “freakish” goals to bring the final score to 2-2. So once again from a winning position we have thrown away matches, first Fulham then Everton and now West Brom, ironically those 6 dropped points would have put us top of the league.

The Wayne Rooney Situation

So we are lead to believe that Wayne Rooney has fallen out with Sir Alex and that his contract negotiations have come to a stalemate and he has informed the club he wants to leave.

Really? Isn’t this a bit of an over the top reaction? Let's be honest, Rooney’s form has dipped, he is out of the team because he is off form and because of his private life, Wayne has always stated he wants to spend his career at United but now we are supposed to believe he wants out… I just don't buy it.

I could be wrong but I predict this is just another player trying to get a better contract, a bit like the recent Vidic situation. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rooney were to end up signing a nice fat new contract

However, if this turns out to be true and Rooney is sold then as the saying goes, “no player is bigger then the club,” we will move on, star players come and go. We all remember Beckham, Stam, Hughes, Ince, Kanchelskis, Van Nistelrooy and we always found a way to replace them.


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