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What Will Greg Jackson Do if Georges St-Pierre and Carlos Condit Meet?

Most expect Georges St-Pierre to face Carlos Condit upon his return this fall (if he is indeed able to come back in November as expected). Should that match up come to fruition, the two will have to deal with the fact that they share a coach in Greg Jackson.

During a recent appearance on HDNet's Inside MMA, Jackson revealed that he has already solved this dilemma by deciding not to corner or coach either fighter for this particular bout.

"If [Georges] ends up fighting Carlos, I will be stepping out," said Jackson. "I won't be cornering either person and I'll be enjoying a hamburger somewhere when it happens."

Of course, Jackson delivered a similar line in regards to Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans before eventually backing Jones, but that was a slightly different story considering Rashad's contentious recent history with the camp.

Mike Winkeljohn, Jackson's right hand man at their Albuquerque MMA headquarters, is playing things a bit less diplomatically.

"I've never really worked with Georges. He has his own camp up there and they're smart enough to use Greg to come in and oversee everything," he said. "But, I'm excited about the challenge with Carlos and getting that title for Carlos. I'm working Carlos' corner. No place I'd rather be."

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