What We Learned This Week About LeBron, Heat

It took nearly four days for it to finally sink in: the almighty LeBron James-led Miami Heat is a real basketball team.

Amidst never-ending off-the-court storylines about James’ plummeting popularity, his new team’s depth concerns and ESPN hype at an all-time high, the fans almost forgot that this team was actually supposed to play in legitimate NBA games.

In the most highly anticipated pre-season match-up ever, the new-look Heat kicked off the quest for their first of six guaranteed titles against the hapless Detroit Pistons. The result of the game doesn’t matter, however. The way that the team played and the amazing reaction from all of the squad’s new bandwagon fans is a story in itself.

The starting line-up for the game was James, Chris Bosh, Joel Anthony, Carlos Arroyo and Dwyane Wade. It was interesting to note...

Check out a few of the highlights from the team’s first game...

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