What was Going on with this Japanese Kid’s Crotch During the Little League World Series? (Video)

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Tennessee found itself on the wrong end of a 12-2 shellacking from Japan on Sunday afternoon, but that wasn’t the most interesting story to come out of today’s Little League World Series title game. No, the most interesting story, by far, was what went down at the top of the fifth inning when Japan was up by a mere eight runs.

Here what happened in the least graphic terms possible: with his team getting absolutely destroyed up that point, a young Tennessee batter was understandably a bit off his game. While trying to knock the ball out of the park, he inadvertently hit the Japanese catcher behind him in the crotch.

No problem. It happens. But then things got weird.

Check it out (via @cjzero):

Seriously, what are they doing there? What is that liquid? Does spraying it on the player’s pants really alleviate his pain?

Let us know in the comments section – we’re genuinely curious.

(Kudos SportsGrid)

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