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What the Seahawks, 49ers, Cardinals and Rams Should be Thankful For

A Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers. I of course celebrated thanksgiving in October, but believe me, I’d rather I had this Thursday off so I could watch football too. Other than that, here’s some things that each team, and it’s fans can be thankful for - other than the three games of football, and the stat holiday. But I’m not jealous.

Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks can be thankful for the improved play of Russell Wilson, and their extremely good chance at a playoff spot as a result of it. They can also be thankful for the elite defense and winning culture instilled by Pete Carroll

San Francisco 49ers: The San Francisco 49ers and their fans can be thankful for their bountiful off season, which has this offense so deep they can’t even fit all their additions in the 53-man roster. I’m sure Brandon Jacobs, LaMichael James, and A.J. Jenkins aren’t thankful for it, but if your first two draft picks can’t make the starting roster, your teams got depth. Brandon Jacobs can be thankful for all the rest he’s getting I guess.

Arizona Cardinals: The team and probably more so, the fans, can be thankful that the season is almost over... Or that Kolbs almost healthy again … Or that an extremely difficult remaining schedule all but assures they will land a top five draft pick. I’d be most thankful for the latter of those three if I were a Cards fan.

St. Louis Rams: The Rams should be so very, very thankful that they landed Jeff Fisher as their coach in the off season. With Fisher as their head coach they are already a much tougher team to play, and I expect he’ll have this team competing for a playoff spot within the next two years. Janoris Jenkins hasn’t been suspended yet.. by the league at least. Be thankful for that too.


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