What the Pundits Say After Nebraska Pummels Michigan State

Here's what the pundits are saying after Nebraska's 24-3 defensive masterpiece against the Michigan State Spartans Saturday.

Lisa Horne, FoxSports: Michigan State should have had a bowl of menudo — the world's greatest hangover medicine — before playing Nebraska. The Spartans looked hung over after their big win over Wisconsin last week, and the Cornhuskers looked sharp. Even Kirk Cousins' icy blue eyes lost their laser-like stare. Shocking moment of the day occurred when Nebraska coach Bo Pelini was seen laughing and smiling. Since this is news, we must report it.

Michael Rosenberg, Detroit Free Press: Who will win the division? Well, if you close your eyes and let me read your palms ... no, come on, don't do that. You don't even know me. I might steal your wallet or something...I don't know who will win. (Also, I've never stolen a wallet.) But here is a list of contenders. I'm putting them in order, starting with the team most likely to earn a spot in the Big Ten championship game. The Cornhuskers get the edge because they control their destiny. They have beaten Michigan State and own that tiebreaker. However, Nebraska has a tough finishing stretch: Northwestern, at Penn State, at Michigan and vs. Iowa. Northwestern's defense is made of used tissue paper, so the Cornhuskers should beat the Wildcats. But it will be tough for Nebraska to win all four. Two are road games, and Nebraska does not have the passing game to take advantage of Iowa's weak secondary. A Nebraska loss would open the door for ...

Andrew Kulha, The Bleacher Report: Nebraska also forced the Spartans into going 3-of-14 on third down conversions. All-in-all, the Cornhuskers may have made their case as the best team in the Big Ten, while the Spartans lost any hope for a BCS game, and potentially the Big Ten.

Alex Groberman, Opposing Views: Nebraska’s offense was completely reliant on running back Rex Burkhead making things happen in the first half. By the end of the second quarter, he racked up 50 yards and a touchdown all the while barraging through the Michigan State defense -- that came into the ranked as one of the best in the country -- with ease. He finished the day with 127 yards and two touchdowns on the ground, and one receiving touchdown tacked on for flavor. Needless to say, he’s still the most underappreciated talent in the conference.

Associated Press: Defensive coordinator Carl Pelini held up one of the coveted practice tops during the locker-room celebration after the 24-3 win — undoubtedly a sign that he believes the defense has arrived... It might seem odd that a piece of black cloth could hold such meaning. “Blackshirts” is known throughout college football as an alternate name for Nebraska’s defense. Players have been known to cry when awarded a Blackshirt. It started in 1964 under coach Bob Devaney, who wanted to make it easier to identify his defensive players during practices.

Lisa Horne, FoxSports: Apparently Nebraska and Penn State are the only teams that want to win the Big Ten conference. One Leader, one Legend and one giant "L" if either of these teams gets the opportunity to play LSU or Alabama in the BCS Championship Game. Yes, Michigan is still in the hunt, but that gun is being carried by a team that has yet to win a quality conference game, unless Minnesota, Northwestern or Purdue is counted as a quality win. Do any of those count?


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