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What the Patriots, Jets, Dolphins and Bills Wished for on Christmas

Christmas has come and gone, yet every team in the AFC East could really use another present (or four). While just about everyone in this division deserves coal, besides the Patriots, for the sake of equality let's outline what it at the top of each team’s wish list.

New England Patriots

Two weeks ago, it appeared that the Patriots were in prime position to not only claim a first round bye, but also possible home field advantage throughout the entire playoffs. Two weeks later, at 11-4 the Pats find themselves in the #3 spot looking up at the 12-3 Broncos and Texans.

The thought of having to possibly go TO Denver in order to reach the Super Bowl (assuming they get that far) cannot be a positive one for Brady and the Pats. Yes, I know Tom Brady only has 6 career losses in the postseason, but 4 of those have either been on the road or at a neutral site. That combined with the fact that both the Broncos and Texans have been very good at home this year (combined 12-3), means the Pats might desperately need a first round bye and home field in the second round if they hope to get back to another Super Bowl.

New York Jets

I wish finding presents for my family members was as easy as it is for the Jets. The reason being, you can’t really go wrong.

A quarterback? A new GM? Some sort of receiving corps? Someone with ANY leadership abilities in their clubhouse?

The list goes on and on.

The Jets are the biggest mess of a team I can remember in a long time.

Which is why I think the best present for the Jets at this point, must be that they only have to suffer through one more game.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins, in stark contrast to the Jets, are looking towards their future with a great amount of excitement.

Their defense is currently 6th in the league and their rookie quarterback has shown vast improvement over the past 5 games (only 1 INT to 6 TD’s).

Now, while one might assume they need a lot of offensive help based on some of the offenses struggles this year, I would argue that more importantly they just want to stay healthy. Their offense is still pretty young and if they can stay healthy I think they will begin to gel even more and put up much better numbers next year.

After all, their rush game has been pretty decent (Reggie Bush is averaging 4.4 yards a carry) despite the fact that most teams have been loading the box and daring Ryan Tannehill to throw it.

So, here’s to great health for the Dolphins in the coming year!

Buffalo Bills

Really from the beginning of the year the Buffalo Bills have confused me.

Their supposed strength—their defensive line—was a no show for the majority of the season, leading to the Bills giving up the 20th most points in the league. That in turn caused their offense, which possesses possibly the best running back duo in football, to struggle to keep up.

Meanwhile, Ryan Fitzpatrick, who was never expected to carry the offense by any stretch of the imagination, was forced to play from behind most weeks. Even while doing so, Fitzpatrick put up pretty respectable numbers (23 TD’s and a 83 quarterback rating) despite the fact that most of the time the offense couldn’t rely on their strength; their running game.

Now, the Bills GM is saying that it might be time to move up in the draft and take a quarterback, even though this is a pretty weak year as far as quarterbacks in the draft go.

Is it just me or does that not make sense?

So, correct me if I am wrong, but the Bills need to address other issues first, possibly starting with management.

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