NBA Playoffs: Losing to Bulls a Tough Pill to Swallow for Heat, ESPN

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By Marco Radenkovich

Finally some credit, only took six months.

The Bulls took a 1-0 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals with a convincing 103-82 win over the Miami Heat last night.  

Derrick Rose led the bulls with 28 points, but it was the role players who told the story.

Taj Gibson had 9 points and 7 boards in 23 minutes, and gave the Bulls a spark off the bench.  Luol Deng, my player of the game, had 21, and held LeBron to 15 points on 5-15 shooting.

Taj had the two plays of the game, and some of the best plays I've seen all year.  The dunks were huge, as was the block on LeBron.

But allow me to go into a rant about the World Wide Leader in Sports - ESPN.  

  • All goddamn year, they did not give the Bulls a chance to win the title.  62 wins later, nothing changed.  "Oh, they're a one man show," one headline read.  "Big 3 vs. 1" was an ESPN headline today.  
  • Well ESPN, there is your freaking receipt.  Derrick had a quiet 28 tonight, as quiet as 28 can be I suppose.  Second chance points and bench scoring were the difference.  So, it really wasn't the 3 on 1 that you predicted, was it?  
  • The Bulls lock EVERYONE down on defense.  The Bulls outrebound EVERYONE on both ends of the floor.  Oh, and they have the MVP to do all of the rest.  
  • Normally, I would ask for respect from opposing fans and media, but I really don't give a you-know-what.  The Bulls have been the underdog all season.  
  • When everyone else is taking imaginary pictures of LeBron and celebrating a semi-final series win, the Bulls are getting better.  
  • Take your dancing and your theatrics and go home, LeBron.  How can anyone cheer for that a-hole?

This feels great.  See you Wednesday, Miami.  CAN'T WAIT.   

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