This Is What It Looks Like To Race A Train And Win (Video)


A fleet-footed London man decided recently to race a London tube train from one stop to the next. Luckily for us, he and a few friends filmed the whole thing.

The man’s challenge was to see if he could exit the train at one stop, sprint to the next stop, and catch the same train again. Despite the obvious speed advantage a train has over a guy in jeans, he managed to pull off the feat.

According to USA Today, the two stops were .23 miles away from each other. Keep in mind that the .23 miles includes multiple flights of stairs and two station turnstiles. A quick check of the video shows that our runner had roughly 1:20 seconds to get from stop to stop.

The runner caught the train at the second stop with just seconds to spare. That, and the fact that he wore a camera on his head for the whole thing, made this is a pretty fun watch.

Check it out:

H/T: USA Today


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