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What Impact Would Alfonso Soriano to the Yankees Have on AL East?

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As the trade deadline nears, rumors about the Yankees pursuing Cubs OF Alfonso Soriano continue to swirl.

If it were to happen though, the only teams benefiting would be the rest of the AL East.

I mean, is a great story, don’t get me wrong. Everyone wants to see the prodigal son return home. After all, Soriano spent his first 5 seasons with the Yankees, eclipsing the 35 HR mark in his last two seasons in the Bronx.

However, this is a different time and a different team. 

The Yankees are already having a terrible year (by their standards, anyways) and are reaping the fruits of old overpaid stars and a depleted farm system. Why would they take on another 18 million dollar contract of a 37 year old that has a .288 OBP?

Is Soriano going to turn around the Yankees abysmal offense and help them get to the postseason? Not likely. Is he going to be worth 18 million next year? No chance.

After all, this is a defensive liability who is 86th in OPS among qualifying players and only has a WAR (wins above replacement) of .7.

The Yankees need to realize that they cannot buy their way out of the 4th place, 7 game hole they are in, and should focus on the future. Weakening their farm system yet again to obtain an aging outfielder is not the answer.

If, and that is a big “if”, the prodigal son is to ever return home, it should be in 2015 as a free agent at a much cheaper price.

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