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What Impact Will Titus Young Have on St. Louis Rams?

Titus Young finally got his. After two years of never ending drama with the talented wideout the Lions decided to cut ties. The move was far from shocking. His body of work last season included sucker punching a teammate in off season workouts, a public screaming match with his wide receiver coach, lining up in the wrong position intentionally to get more targets and a series of tweets where he makes it perfectly clear he feels he hasn’t done anything wrong. If that wasn’t enough to get Young cut, he tweeted “Oh I’m not done, if y’all going to cut me let me go. I’m tired of the threats”. These apparent threats were not empty and Titus Young was cut by the Lions on Tuesday.

Less than 24 hours later and the troubled wide receiver already has a new team. The receiver needy St. Louis Rams plucked Young off waivers. This move is of the low risk high reward variety, and I for one applaud the Rams for taking Young on. Even with all his baggage, and oh there is so much of it.

The prima donna receiver has 81 receptions for 990 yards and 10 touchdowns in his two year career. Young has all the tools to become an elite receiver in the NFL, even if his production over the last two seasons doesn’t indicate it. He did only play 10 games in his last season after being banished by Jim Schwartz. What is most appealing about Young though is his ability to lineup on both the outside and in the slot. He is a dynamic deep threat with amazing speed that could cause serious matchup problems, with the speedy Chris Givens already in place.

There are serious concerns about Young’s character, but Jeff Fisher is no stranger to restoration projects. He nearly succeeded with Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, has done well with Janoris Jenkins (so far) and sure did try hard with Vince Young. Can’t win em all.

There is no telling how well this move will work for the Rams. If all goes to plan and he develops into the go to receiver that he has all the talent to be, the Rams will look like absolute geniuses for taking on the risk that comes along with Titus Young. If he continues to act like a 14 year old, it won’t cost the Rams very much to ditch him. There are only 2 years left on Young’s contract with 1.2 million left. Best of all, they didn’t give up anything to get him. Not even a draft pick.

One thing's for sure, Sam Bradford finally has some weapons to work within the receiving corps. After years of either watching talented wideouts walk in free agency, or be cut loose only to thrive with other teams he is finally getting some talent brought in. If Titus Young works out, look out for a big year from Bradford.

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