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What if Colin Kaepernick Struggles and 49ers Lose the Super Bowl?

A few months ago, it was one of the hottest questions in sports: “Should Jim Harbaugh stick with Colin Kaepernick or go back to Alex Smith?”

Now, as we approach the Super Bowl between the Harbaugh brothers, it appears that Jim made the right choice about his quarterback situation.

Colin Kaepernick, the more explosive “future” for the 49ers has certainly done everything the 49ers could ask for and more up to this point. However, with that being said, (now) back-up QB Alex Smith was also having quite an impressive season before his concussion against the Rams. As a matter of fact, Smith had a 70.2% completion percentage, 13 TD, and only 5 INT before being replaced. Not exactly numbers to frown on.

Now, before I get off the topic of Alex Smith, I just wanted to point out that he has handled this entire season with incredible class and—in the process—has probably earned himself quite a contract with another team next year.

Anyways, I say all this in order to play the “What If?” game for a second.

IF—and that is a big “if”—Colin Kaepernick struggles in the Super Bowl and the 49ers do not come out victorious, what impact will that have on how people view the decision by Jim Harbaugh to stick with Kaepernick

After all, a lot of people thoroughly expected the 49ers to make it to the Super Bowl with Alex Smith as the starter this year (they made it to the NFC championship last year). Does that mean that ‘the decision’ will be graded by what happens in the Super Bowl? Or has Kaepernick already proven it was the right decision, regardless of the outcome?

If I am being honest, it doesn’t matter, because I think the 49ers win the Super Bowl and Harbaugh will be remembered for making one of the gutsiest decisions of all time. In my opinion though, even if Kaepernick and the 49ers lose, the decision Harbaugh made will still be the right one. 

Anytime you insert your ‘future’ QB into your lineup and he takes you to a Super Bowl, you have made the right decision.

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