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What Happened to the Canucks Signing Jason Arnott?

After coming oh so close to landing arguably the third most coveted free agent in this summer's spending spree (Shane Doan), the assumption was Jason Arnott would be the Canucks' consolation prize.

Arnott's not nearly as skilled, and probably has a lot less left in the tank than Doan but he would be a good fit on our third line when Kesler comes back; and a better fit on the second than any of our current options. He would provide some of the leadership we lost out on when Doan decided to sign a four year deal in Phoenix. Leadership that many analysts feel is the one thing keeping this Canucks team from getting the Stanley Cup. He is also sound defensively as his +13 last season would indicate.

So what ever happened to us signing him? It seemed like it was bound to happen within minutes of Doan signing in Phoenix. Rumor on twitter was it was all but a given. Then the lockout happened. His name isn't one that comes up very often in Vancouver anymore, and I'm kind of curious as to why? He was a great fit in St. Louis and an anchor on their very effective third line; why couldn't he do the same for our team? Nothing against Lapierre, I think he's a great third line center to be entirely honest with you, but throw in Arnott and we actually have some depth at the position. Lapierre is an even better fourth line center anyways. 

According to his brother and agent, the Vancouver Canucks are no longer pursuing Arnott. Having had Andrew Ebbett as our second line center definitely speaks to our depth at the position, and screams bring in reinforcements. Schroeder is an intriguing option, but an untested one as well. No telling how he'll do with the big club. Today will be his first NHL game after all.

So why not just give Jason Arnott a chance? If Scott Gomez can land a contract with the Sharks, why can't the Canucks afford to take a flyer on Arnott? Just seems kind of odd is all. I know Mike Gillis has his hands full with the "supposedly" impending Roberto Luongo trade, but I can't imagine signing a one year deal for around a million dollars would be all that time consuming. He made time for Cam Barker and Jim Vandermeer after all. 

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