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What Does Bridgewater's Commitment Mean to Louisville?

When news broke this morning that five-star quarterback Teddy Bridgewater committed to Charlie Strong’s program, pandemonium naturally erupted within the UofL football fan base. Bridgewater is generally considered a top 10 player in the state of Florida, not to mention a top 100 player nationally. He also may very well be the highest rated recruit in Cardinal football history. I think he is, but it’s certainly up for debate.

Adding him to the 2011 class is certainly huge deal, but what just does this news mean for the program?

First, it certainly is proof that Charlie Strong and his staff can bring elite talent to Louisville. I think most of us already knew Charlie and Co. were dynamite recruiters, but there was still the question as to whether or not they could lure some of the truly elite players here. With the Bridgewater commitment, I think they answered that question.

Second, Teddy Bridgewater is the type of player that attracts attention from other prospects. There are certain players that are so good, other recruits take notice who they’re considering, and when they commit to a school like Louisville, meaning a non-traditional football power, it definitely improves UofL’s standing. You can call it a domino effect, or maybe chain reaction, but Bridgewater’s announcing for Louisville does nothing but help the Cards with other top recruits.

Finally, this gives the Louisville program tremendous publicity, especially with a nationally televised bowl game Tuesday night. A commitment of this magnitude will definitely give the broadcasters something to talk about as the Cards face off with Southern Miss. And don’t think recruits won’t be watching the game tomorrow.

Teddy Bridgewater is being called a ‘program changer’, but I think he is the type of player that can be a ‘program maker’. Every staff has that signature recruit of their era. For Charlie Strong, perhaps this will be his.

Here’s some video of the one they call Teddy Heisman:


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