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MMA: Does "Mayhem" Miller Bring Something Special to the UFC?

He’s without a doubt one of MMA’s most charismatic figures and love him, or hate him, there is little doubt that you are unfamiliar with Jason “Mayhem” Miller.  This, of course, is a remarkable feat when you consider the fact that Miller has been inactive for over a year, and when active, has fought a great deal in recent years oversees in Japan.  Still, the man they call “Mayhem” is of all things, a natural born personality. 

Despite a stagnant career, Miller has managed to host the popular MTV show “Bully Beatdown,” pen a monthly column for Fight! Magazine and find time to have an ongoing feud with Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz, the climax of which was the in-cage riot he incited following Jake Shield’s defeat of Dan Henderson at last year’s Strikeforce: Nashville

However you view Miller, and to many his ADD infused shtick is enough to make them Diaz fans, you can’t dismiss the fact that “Mayhem” has fought some of the sport’s best welterweight and middleweight fighters.  While he has suffered defeat to the hands of Georges St-Pierre, “Jacare” Souza, Jake Shields, and Tim Kennedy, what endears him to most fans is his desire to take on the best in the sport.  The fact remains that Miller is a supremely gifted fighter no matter what you think of his sometime clownish behavior, wins against the aforementioned Tim Kennedy, Robbie Lawler, Toby Imada, and a game but badly faded Sakuraba stand testament to that. 

Apparently, the brass at the UFC sees some potential to bolster their top-heavy middleweight division as they announced the signing of Miller to the UFC roster this past weekend.  If you think Miller is a neophyte to the Octagon, think again.  Miller made his UFC debut (and only appearance to date) back in 2005 at UFC 52.  Miller suffered defeat to St-Pierre on the nights undercard.  Still, given Miller’s global experience in the sport don’t expect him to have any jitters when he steps into the cage.  But, is Miller truly a viable contender to Anderson Silva’s crown?  Traditional wisdom says, no.  In fact, it would be hard for me to see the loquacious fighter get past the Brazilian bad-ass that is Silva. 

What I do expect to see of Miller is an infusion of charisma into the division.  Granted, the UFC’s middleweight roster boasts some of the most colorful fighters in this sport.  Names like Chael Sonnen, Michael Bisping, and Chris Leben all carry with them an air of excitement and with a touch of crazy for good measure.  In this respect, Miller will fit right in and should a superfight with Diaz never materialize (and it doesn’t seem very likely) the fact remains that a Sonnen-Miller, Bisping-Miller bought would arguably shatter the record for sh*t –talking quotes prior to a fight. 

As it stands right now, Miller already has an opponent for his UFC return.   MMAFighting is reporting that Miller will face Aaron Simpson at UFC 132.  Simpson should prove to be the perfect foil for Miller in his first fight back in the Octagon.  Look, while his zaniness may grate on some people’s nerves, there is no denying the fact that Miller is a good fighter and his addition to the UFC roster should be a welcomed one. 


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