What are the Chicago Bulls Trying to Accomplish this Summer? (Fan Take)

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After hearing that O.J. Mayo will be signing with the Dallas Mavericks, I still had hope for the Bulls' off-season. I just lost all of that hope or even thought of having a promising summer. Chicago has now signed Vladimire Radmanovic, and now possibly Darko Milicic, possibly one of the biggest draft busts ever in NBA history.

I don't see a clear image of where the team is wanting to go. It certainly isn't to the top the coming season. Maybe they are just wanting to look average for a year, and then amnesty Boozer, trade Noah for a high lottery pick, and then try to get a commitment out of Andrew Bynum to sign with Chicago?

Who knows, I wouldn't mind if that happens, but I would love for the team to do something sooner or later.

Signing older veterans is a always nice, but usually best when mixing in with younger starters or just a young team in general. Did anyone notice what happened with Rip Hamilton last year? He was going to help save Derrick and the team, instead he saved them by keeping the bench warm. I don't think he was signed to do that.

We needed a scoring two guard or a three point shooter in the draft. On draft day, the Bulls didn't make a move at all, didn't get extra picks in the second round, but they drafted a point guard! Yay, now we have Captain Kirk, Teague, and a bum ACL in Rose's knee. Things are looking up there. I have noticed Teague is exceptionally quick on the hardwood, but plays so out of control. I mean, watching a game at the park you would witness better I.Q. and less turnovers than what Teague has produced in the summer league games some far.

I was optimistic, not now. I need something to help me get through this season. Strap into the roller coaster Bulls fans, it'll be a long and rough ride to April and beyond.

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