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What a Joke: Pacquiao, Roach Pretend Mosley a Threat

It’s pretty easy to see why Manny Pacquiao is a successful political figure in the Philippines. His ability to take the truth and twist it around to fit his agenda has always been impressive.

Freddie Roach, though? He simply doesn’t get enough credit for being the master of propaganda that he has slowly become over the years.

After all, who else could spin Pacquiao’s bout with an admitted cheater into a battle for the ages like Roach?

P.T. Barnum? Don King in his prime? Dick Cheney before the second Iraq War? What a sneaky, slick guy, Freddie is.

Who else could make the gullible, believe-everything-it-hears public buy into the ridiculous notion that Manny Pacquiao wasn’t more than prepared for that handpicked beat down of can't-use-load-ed-gloves Margarito?


And who else -- with everyone and their mother knowing the Pacquiao’s camp has again picked another overmatched opponent for their boy -- could sell ‘Splenda’ Shane Mosley as a still-capable fighter?


Speaking with reporters from The Philippine Daily Enquirer recently, Roach absolutely insisted that Mosley would not be an easy victory for Pacquiao. That somehow, some way Mosley’s speed would give his Filipino superstar some trouble.

“Manny has speed but so has Mosley,” Freddie said. “He’ll give us a little trouble because he is also experienced. He is a different type of fighter compared with Margarito. He is a much better boxer. Mosley will box him and come to him much more intelligently.”

For those keeping track at home: Roach is trying to pawn off the ridiculously stupid idea that when you take two speedy fighters, the slower fighter will give the faster fighter trouble simply because he’s “kind of quick."

Is this guy serious? How dumb does he think boxing fans are to concoct that moronic excuse for why he and Bob Arum want to give Pacquiao such a weak, horrible fight?

'Splenda' Mosley is a shot fighter, plain and simple. Now if Freddie Roach could only spit out the truth. We’re not blind here. Everyone knows that Pacquiao has been finding weak, incapable fighters in hopes of bolstering his record and building his resume off “names” over substance for years now. This is nothing new.

That's not the truly great part of this story, though.

The best part of this whole thing is that the Pacquiao camp is actually demanding a steroid test if Mosley does end up being the chosen punching bag for the Filipino superstar.

Oh, the irony.

A guy who has proven that he has no problems accepting strict PED testing before a fight will need to do it again. Yet Pacquiao wouldn't agree to a stringent PED test policy for a potential super fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Perhaps that's because even he knows that Mayweather is the one guy who would beat him.

Frankly, I’m over Pacquiao as a boxer. I think it’s time for him to venture into talk radio with Roach, Arum and the rest of the gang. With the way he spins the truth to fit his own agenda, the best place for him is immediately following Rush Limbaugh.


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