This Is What A 13-Year-Old Seven Footer With A Jumper Looks Like (Video)


According to the CDC, the average American 13-year-old is 5’2”.

But down in Little Rock, Arkansas, something – or, rather, someone -- far from average is happening. His name is Connor Vanover, and he’s a 7’1” eighth grader (!) tearing up competition in youth leagues.

True, Vanover is so lanky he makes Shawn Bradley look like Big Baby, but that doesn’t matter. The kid is over seven feet tall!

As the following highlight reel shows, Vanover already has a pretty sweet jumper going for him. He also blocks just about everything that comes his way, but that’s to be expected since he’s practically playing with toddlers. He's scheduled to graduate from high school in 2018.

How ridiculous is this:



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