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Western Conference Semi-Finals Contenders for 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Western Conference has finished their quarter-finals games, leaving the bracket for the semi-finals complete and ready to move into the next round of the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The Detroit Red Wings clinched their spot in the Western Conference Semi-Finals when they obliterated the Phoenix Coyotes in the seventh game of their series. Though they had been concerned over an upsetting defeat, the Wings managed to continue their trek to their third straight appearance in the Stanley Cup Final.

Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg, and Nicklas Lindstrom took the stars of the game. Datsyuk’s two goals, paired with two goals from Lindstrom, set the duo in the top three players of the game. Zetterberg battled back with three assists in the contest. Todd Bertuzzi and Brad Stuart also put two pucks past the posts.

The Phoenix Coyotes battled an emotional game, which ended with a trip home. Emotions ran high, especially when Brad Stuart managed a break away ending in a wrist shotted goal, which left Ilya Bryzgalov angry enough to slam his stick on the ice.

The Red Wings will face the San Jose Sharks, who they have not met in the playoffs since the 2007 Semi-finals. The Wings took that series in six games.

The Sharks are coming into the semi-finals after a striking upset in the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs, where they were beaten by the 8th seeded Anaheim Ducks in six games. The Red Wings went on to beat the Ducks in the semi-finals.

On the other end of the bracket, the Chicago Blackhawks will square off against the Vancouver Canucks. The 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs also pit the teams together, where the Blackhawks sent the Canucks home in six games.

BetUS, one of the best online sportsbooks, currently has odds listed for the Western Conference champion.

Chicago Blackhawks – +220
Vancouver Canucks – +225
San Jose Sharks – +250
Detroit Red Wings – +270


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