Brian Westbrook's Future Uncertain


Earlier today, word came that former Philadelphia Eagles RB Brian Westbrook was set to join the St. Louis Rams on Monday. Mike Sando of said that he had gotten word from John Clayton that this would be the case.

“Just landed in STL and finished radio with John Clayton, who says the Rams will likely add Brian Westbrook on Monday. Good insurance,” Sando tweets.

The problem comes when you get your information from Clayton or Chris Mortensen. They do have some sources, but no one ever calls them out on the fact that they are wrong quite a bit.

And that may be the case here. Jason La Canfora of NFLN reports that the Redskins are still in play for the little guy and that Westbrook hasn’t made a decision yet.

“Brian Westbrook hasn’t made any decision yet and hasn’t told any teams he has made up his mind according to several sources…,” La Canfora tweets.

Could La Canfora’s sources be from Westbrook’s camp? Could they be trying to drive up some last minute interest? Sure, that’s always out there.

But at the very least it does cast some doubt on the report based on Clayton. We’ll have to see what happens. He’ll either sign with the Rams or he won’t. But, based on everything we’ve heard, it will be either the Redskins or the Rams. Then again, don’t rule out the Denver Broncos. But, of course the Detroit Lions could bring him in. That’s assuming that the Oakland Raiders have no interest.


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