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Can Erik Spoelstra Handle Pressure of Coaching Miami Heat?

Erik Spoelstra is the 16-year-old kid, armed with only a learner's permit, whose been handed the keys to a 2011 Bugatti Veyron. That pimple-faced teen must figure out how to drive -- and not wreck -- one of the fastest automobiles in the world.

Spoelstra has been given his own set of keys to another powerful machine. Thanks to an uber-competitive boss in Pat Riley, who made the signings of the century by landing LeBron James and Chris Bosh during the offseason, Spoelstra must now lead the can't-miss Miami Heat. This is a team -- with its unique combination of mad skills, ego and Globetrotter -- that has talked about winning six championships without having played a preseason game.

Has a coach ever faced greater expectations? The Daily Heat says no.

And it doesn't help that your boss just happens to be a former NBA coach who has won plenty of rings. Because of the star power and we-could-win-80-games attitude, if Spoelstra falters even in a little bit during the season, the cameras will...

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