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2010 College Football Week 1 Analysis: Virginia Tech Hokies

1. Who impressed you the most with their Week 1 performance? It has to be Tyrod Taylor. He has matured at a staggering rate. First he used his running ability to set up the pass. Then he became a better passer and used his arm to set up the run late last year. Now he uses the pass to set up the set up the pass (stay with me here) on the move. That's just unstoppable. I think he has turned the corner and entered the TRULY elite group of college QB's, and this performance solidifies that.

2. Based on their Week 1 performance, what area(s) does the team need to improve on the most? Getting on the officials' good side so that we don't get a SH*T call that alters the game like Bruce Taylor's late hit call with Boise driving with under two minutes left. Don't believe me? Go back and watch. And then watch the two first quarter late hit out of bounds calls against Boise that nobody in Zebra print was interested in. Just frustrating. Otherwise, defense and offensive line, but we knew that.

3. Which back-up or newcomer earned more playing time with their performance in last weeks game? There were several. For one Antoine Exum (a r-Fr. FS) who has been moved around all over the secondary to try to get this kid some playing time. He can't help it if we're deep, and likewise, the coaching staff can't help it that he's THAT good. He will play. Also Vinston Painter is likely to see a lot of time and maybe even eventually start (YES PLEASE!). I don't even know if he saw the field on Monday night, but current LG Greg Nosal (a converted TE that is listed in the 280's but can't be a pound over 270) has no upper body strength and let countless players wearing blue break through the line. So he's earning time by virtue of Greg Nosal's continued bad play.

4. What are the major question marks that still surround the team headed into Week 2? Almost like "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop?" Hokie fans all over are asking how many eff ups by Brian Stinespring will finally get him showed the door? Like the wise owl demonstrates, we may never know. Additionally, our Offensive Line negated our biggest strength: The running game, getting an amazing back like Ryan Williams stuck in the backfield all night long. And how does this team react now that the national championship trophy is off the table?

5. Are you more or less confident in your teams ultimate success this year after Week 1? If you define success by expectations, we can't win the National Championship, so we can't be as successful as we might have been able to. If you are asking about how I feel about the team, like my general feeling? Well, we are just as good as I thought we were going in. No better, no worse.

6. What needs to happen in order to secure a victory in Week 2? Show up. It's James Madison. If they win, I kill myself. That's it.

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