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2010 College Football Q&A: Virginia Tech

1. What are your overall thoughts on the teams performance so far this year?

I wasn't aware we had performed yet? Think lowest of the low and go deeper. That's where I am right now, burying my head in the sand so deep that I'm soon to reach...wait, hey guys I think I see China! Why won't Facebook come up?

2. Based on the performance in Week 1 and 2, what area(s) does the team need to improve on the most?

Let's start out with where doesn't the team need to improve. It's a real short list. So short, that I can't think of anything that makes the list. We are getting manhandled on both lines, missing tackles, turning the ball over, missing field goals and getting punts blocked...this is not a Virginia Tech football team. It almost makes me want to get ahold of Frank Beamer and say "Who are you, and what did you do with your football team!?"

3. Which player(s) needs to step up their performance in the coming weeks?, well here's a list in order: Greg Nosal, Jeron Gouviea-Winslow, John Graves, Andrew Lanier, Bruce Taylor, Rashad Carmichael, Lyndell Gibson, and Davon Morgan. Notice how most of those guys are defenders or offensive linemen (by most I mean all).

4. Which player has surprised you the most so far this season with their performance?

Can I plea the fifth? If I HAVE to answer, it would either be Tyrod Taylor or Steven Friday. Taylor's stats aren't Heisman-worthy after a much more pedestrian Week 2, BUT he is in no way at fault for this team's record. He has left it out on the field twice in a period of five days. It has been the offensive line and defense that has let him down. That he has been getting the unreal pressure on him that he has and still putting up the stats he has is unbelievable. He is the only reason we aren't in negative offensive totals right now.

As for Friday, he has been flying off the end, making life for opposing quarterbacks much more difficult. He has more than exceeded my expectations for him since the end of last season when I thought the former 4-star recruit would never reach his potential. All I can say now is that he's well on his way to doing just that, and well on his way to playing on Sunday's.

5. What are the major question marks headed into Week 3?

Coaching, offensive line play, tackling, reading and reacting to plays defensively, playing through the whistle defensively, containing big gains (pretty much everything you can improve upon defensively), and that ECU's high-powered offense doesn't drop 50 on us.

6. What needs to happen in order to secure a victory in Week 3?

Pray to the deity of your choice, don't desecrate any Native American burial grounds, use Santeria, Voodoo or any like religion to hex the Pirates. Oh, and fire Jim Weaver, Frank Beamer, and Brian Stinespring, and appoint Bud Foster as the interim head coach, naming me the offensive coordinator. Give him a trial basis and let me pull the strings on the offense. I guarantee you we don't lose another game!

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