NFL Week 12 Fantasy Football Breakdown


Start Em

QB Ben Roethlisberger @ Buffalo

Big Ben should continue his strong resurgence this week against a terrible Buffalo defense. Buffalo’s defense has been unable to stop any air attack all year. The Bills have only managed four interceptions and 15 sacks in 2010. With Pittsburgh’s offensive line already one of the league’s best in not allowing sacks, Roethlisberger should be given loads of time to find open wide receivers. The only real threat to a huge day for Big Ben, is if the Steelers get up big early and start running the ball on every down.

Other QB to Start: Kyle Orton should get back on track this week facing a weak St. Louis squad. I would expect Orton to once again top 300 yards and throw for a couple touchdowns. I like Matt Cassel this week aganist Seattle also. The Seahawks have the 31st ranked pass defense and Matt Cassel has continued to make smart decisions in the Chiefs’ offense. Kansas City should continue to open up the playbook and allow Cassel to make some plays.

RB Darren McFadden Home against the Fish Mammals

Last week was really the first time this season when a healthy Darren McFadden had a terrible fantasy start. The Steelers were able to completely dominate the Raiders and keep Run DMc from getting anything going. McFadden owners should not be afraid of keeping him in the lineup this week though, as he faces a Dolphin team headed in the wrong direction. The Dolphins are beset with injuries on both sides of the ball and with Tyler Thigpen still running the offense, Miami will once again be forced to play a lot of defense. By the 4th quarter McFadden should be able to bust a couple big runs against a beleaguered Dolphins defense.

Other RB to Start: With Brandon Jacobs set to get the start against Jacksonville, I would expect big things from him this week. Jacobs should be motivated and combined with the Giants facing a weak Jacksonville defense, this should result in big things for BJ’s owner. With Ryan Mathews still out, Mike Tolbert becomes a great option this week. The Chargers should take advantage of the Colts weak rush defense and Tolbert should be the main man to reap the benefits.

WR Dwayne Bowe KC @ Seattle

Bowe has put together a string of quality performances over the last couple weeks. Bowe has taken advantage of the Chiefs’ strong running attack by finishing drives with touchdowns. In the last two weeks Bowe also has managed to put up over 100 yards receiving and grab 2 TADAT!s in each game. I would expect his streak to continue as Seattle is one of the league’s worst pass defenses.

Other WR to Start: Mike Wallace has thrived with Big Ben back as his primary QB. I would find it hard to believe Roethlisberger and Wallace do not connect on at least one long TD. Mario Manningham should produce a big week for the simple fact that he is the only Giants receiver still standing. With injuries to Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks, Mannigham will have a greater role in the Giants offense.

Sit Em

QB Eli Manning Home against Jacksonville

Eli Manning looks to have a nice matchup this week, but without a couple key receivers, this matchup seems to be less appetizing. With both Hakeem Nick’s and Steve Smith being forced out with injuries, Manning will be forced to pass to a rift of no-name practice squad/free agent wide receivers. Expect the Giants to put a heavy emphasis on the run game, preventing Manning from getting his usual yardage and touchdown production.

Other QB to Sit: Ryan Fritzpatrick should be under almost constant pressure from the Steel Curtain. That should make life difficult for him and not allow him to get anything going in the pass game. David Garrard faces the best front four football and I would not be surprised to see David Garrard taken out of this game as the Giants should give him quite a licking.

RB Marshawn Lynch SEA Home against KC

It’s starting to look like Marshawn Lynch has not been able to take advantage of his easy matchups and produce big numbers in Seattle. Lynch was virtually given the number one spot and a bevy of weak opponents to run over, but has yet to produce. Both Lynch and Justin Forsett should be thrown to the wayside and only used in emergency situations from here on out. Neither has produced consistenly enough to deserve any spot in a fantasy lineup. This week you should especially avoid them as the Chiefs have one of the best run defenses in football.

Other RB to Sit: If you managed to finally get something out of Fred Jackson these past two weeks you should feel lucky. With how ferocious the Steelers defense has been of late, I would expect his double digit streak to end. LeSean McCoy faces a Bears defense that always seem to force teams to be one dimensional. McCoy will probably not be lucky enough to break another 50 yard run to save a disastrous week.

WR Vincent Jackson SD Home against the Colts

There is no doubt that Vincent Jackson is a elite wide receiver when properly utilized. The main problem with starting him is you have no idea how often and in what capacity the Chargers will use him. San Diego’s pass offense has already been running smoothly without him and with Jackson not playing/practicing for a full year you have no idea in what condition he will be. I would hold off one week to see what he does before inserting him in your lineup. Nothing could be worse then seeing him only used in a couple plays and putting up a squadoosh for you.

Other WR to Sit: Sidney Rice looks to be a shell of the wide receiver he was last year. Cornerbacks seemingly were able to stay with him step for step last week, making it hard for him to catch anything. Unless something drasticly changes this week, you may want to hold off in starting him the rest of the season. Derrick Mason slowly has become less and less a part of the Ravens passing attack. With 48 yards being his high these last four weeks, it almost becomes a crap shoot on whether or not he gets a touchdown making it worth putting him into your starting lineup. He faces a Tampa Bay defense that has been surprisingly strong this year, in the end it really comes down to whether or not you think this will be the week Flacco finds him in the red zone.


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