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WBO Reviewing His Win vs. Manny Pacquiao Doesn't Bother Timothy Bradley

The World Boxing Organisation will scrutinise the decision that lead to Manny Pacquiao surrendering his welterweight title in Las Vegas last weekend.

The result, which has attracted much scorn and incredulity, left Pacquiao with his first defeat in seven years and maintained Timothy Bradley’s unbeaten record in the ring.

The WBO will review video footage of the fight before deciding on their next course of action. Whilst an amendment of the result is unlikely, the organisation may refuse to recognise Bradley as its welterweight champion, making a rematch later this year a necessity.

Regardless of the result of the five man WBO audit, Timothy Bradley has already announced his intention to offer his Filipino rival a return fight in order to clear the controversy over the scoring.

Speaking on his Twitter account, Bradley said: “Paquiao is a great man and great fighter he will have a chance to get his title back I will be able to get a more definitive win.”

Despite the offer, after reviewing a video of the fight, the American remains convinced that his performance was deserving of a victory.

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