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Ways to Spice Up National Signing Day

Do you remember when high school football players signed a letter of Intent at their school or house, without video camera's present?  Or when you didn't rely on a recruiting service to tell you how good a player was by ranking him with stars and highlight videos?  Well times have changed and the circus of signing day will continue to get crazier every year as long as there a thousands of high school kids looking to make a big splash on the first Wednesday of February. 

Many players use the standard "pick a hat" or take off a dress shirt with the schools shirt underneath.  A lot of players just announce at a high school all star game or at their high school gym with their classmates watching.  

I have come up with some creative ideas that I would like to see in the future. 

Lets see what I came up with.

The Wheel of Destiny- Take every school that has offered you a scholarship and spin the wheel.  This might take the decision-making out of the process, but it would still be fun.

Make a Movie-  Make a short film that shows the world where you are going on and release it on signing day.  Kids can be creative with this one. Maybe an action film.

Lottery balls-  Very similar to the NBA draft lottery, but with schools you want to go to.  Pick a winner. 

All kidding aside, signing day has become a big part of college football and it is part of the fun of the game.  A recruiting class can bring a lot of excitement to a fanbase, but remember, national championships aren't won in February.

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