Wayne Rooneys Father, Uncle Arrested in Soccer Betting Scandal

The father and uncle of English soccer star Wayne Rooney were arrested on Thursday in connection with a betting scandal on a soccer match.

The father, also named Wayne, and his brother Richie Rooney were among nine people arrested on charges of suspicion of conspiracy to defraud. It appears they allegedly conspired for a player in a Scottish Premiere League match to get a red card, and then placed several bets at 10-1 odds that someone in the match would get a red card.

The player who got the red card, Steve Jennings, was also arrested.

"It is important to stress that the evidence gathered throughout this thorough period of investigation has involved only one Scottish match," Scottish Football Association chief executive Stewart Regan said in a statement.

The younger Wayne Rooney, who plays for powerhouse Manchester United, was not implicated in the scandal.


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