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Wayne Gretzky Must be Happy About Daughter Paulina Posting These Half-Naked Pictures Online

Wayne Gretzky is the greatest hockey player of all time, so his name will always mean something to hardcore sports fans. That being said, the undeniable decline in popularity of hockey over the last decade has made him a not as well-known figure amongst today’s young adults.

His daughter, Paulina, though – her name definitely rings out.

Paulina, for those unfamiliar with her work, is something of a social media aficionado. She’s gained a certain amount of notoriety over the last couple years for her complete and total lack of a filter when it comes to the type of photos she posts to her various online accounts. She takes breaks every once in a while, but those breaks never seem to last.

Here is her latest offering, this time to Instagram (via Bro Bible):

Did you enjoy those? If so, check this one out;

Image placeholder title

Note to self: never have a daughter.

(Kudos to Bro Bible via The Big Lead for the find)

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