Watch Out for Sacramento Kings this Season


The Sacramento Kings have had quite an offseason. No they did not score a major free agent, from a pool that included the "Big Three," of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, however they scored some major points in the draft, with a trade, and with a couple of minor moves in free agency.

The biggest move they made, was doing the same thing they did in the 2009 NBA Draft, when they waited for the best player in that draft, Tyreke Evans, to fall to their laps at the number four pick. In 2010, the Kings employed the same strategy and plucked 6"11 inside presence Demarcus Cousins from the University of Kentucky with the fifth pick in the draft.

Teams passed on Cousins do to "character issues" "mental health issues" and other factors which have yet to be proven. Apparently Mr. Cousins is "not motivated" to be a dominant NBA player, and faces the same potential career path as the talented Derrick Coleman went down. That is to say, he has Hall of Fame potential, and maybe one all star appearance potentially in his future if you are to believe the doubters. The doubters all have no factual basis for their arguments, except one minor event when he was in high school. Cousins, so far has played well in summer league, won NBA rookie of the month, and demonstrated nothing but class and character when interacting with fans and the media.

The Kings got an extra bonus gift in the second round, when 7"0 Hassan Whiteside, a shotblocking machine, and potential starter at power forward in the long term fell into their laps with the 33rd pick. Apparently, Mr. Whiteside's reason for falling from the lottery (where the Kings were prepared to consider him with the fifth pick if Cousins was unavailable), to the second round was because the young man has ADHD. No other reason was given, and Whiteside seems to be just another lucky charm the Kings picked up this offseason.

Additionally, the Kings traded enigmatic 7"0 project center Spencer Hawes and little used reserve forward Andres Nocioni (who demanded a trade for lack of playing time) to the Philadelphia 76ers, for shotblocking machine, Samuel Dalembert.

The Kings now boast an athletic, versatile front line, with returning 6"11 athletic power forward Jason Thompson, 6"9 super sub and former sixth man Carl Landry to compliment the now stacked front line.

The Kings have a choice to make with their small forward position as well. They have Omri Casspi, and Donte Greene. Casspi is the first player from Israel to play in the NBA, and is very athletic, with a pretty decent three point shot. Greene can play possibly all five positions now that he is reportedly 7"0 tall, and has three point range, athletic ability, and the ability to lock down star players like Kobe Bryant effectively.

The reigning rookie of the year Tyreke Evans, the only player to average 20-5-5 in a season, other than three sure fire hall of famers, is a physical specimen at the point guard position, who can rebound, defend, and if he gets a three point shot will undoubtedly become unstoppable.

Complimenting Evans, is guard Beno Udrih, who had a career year and is an effective three point shooter, and mid range player.

The bench is fairly deep, particularly on the front line, and defensively as well. The Kings won only 25 games last year, but should be at least 7-10 wins better because of Cousins alone. Coupled with other moves, and West teams getting weaker like the Phoenix Suns, who lost Amare Stoudemire to free agency, the Utah Jazz who lost Carlos Boozer, and the growth of REKE DMC (the Evans Cousins combination), the Kings might just shock everybody and sneak into the eighth spot come playoff time.

They will definitely "Reke Havoc" on teams in the NBA, causing matchup problems with their size, athleticism, and versatility. Expect great things from the Sacramento Kings this season!


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