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Washington Redskins Have Performed to Expectations in 2011

Just back from a successful writing tour of Europe. Wonder how my DC Skins have been doing? I'll just open this newspaper (rustle rustle) :

When the Skins were 3-1, I foresaw a multi-game skid. Since then, injuries have racked our already-thin offensive line (sound familiar?) resulting in nonexistent running and pass protection. QB play, the weakest link on the team, has been atrocious. In sooth, I have written these sentences just about every year since I started laying it on thick around these parts.

QB plays is rather oversold to the NFL consumer, but nonetheless it is a tremendous factor in a team's fortunes. Absolutely no one should have been surprised that Gross Rexman turned in a goat-shit performance staying on par for 2 turnovers per game. Deja vu, this sentence: "But Grossman failed when it mattered most".*

We knew that these flaws were sewn into the poorly-fitted leaky raincoat that is the 2011 DC Skins. However, the biggest frustration remains a familiar refrain, "Pass-happy playcalling featuring a shitty QB." But it's getting worse: Kyle Shanahan's run-pass ratio is plummeting towards terminal velocity.

In 2010, Kyle called 319 runs and 683 passes (including QB runs & sacks). Less than one third of his playcalls were runs, 31st in the league at 31.8%. That low wattage offense finished 18th in scoring.

In 2011, Kyle has called 172 runs and 374 passes (including QB runs & sacks). His playcall percentage has fallen to 32nd in the league and dipped down to 31.5%. The non-wattage offense is 28th in scoring.

This is what I mean when I write "it's getting worse." Although the statistics aren't available, we all know that Gross Rexman is chasing down Kordell Stewart for most INTs thrown into the end zone. Even if the rushing isn't getting much done, it is absolutely necessary to run the ball, especially with a broken jalopy like the DC Skins offense.

Kyle Shanahan must call runs. But we know he won't. I thought we were getting his father's offense?

On Sunday, the DC Skins are starting Gross Rexman versus the surging Cowboys. I think we all know how it's going to go, but let me chuck out a byline for you: 15 rushes versus 42 passes, 2 INTs and no offensive TDs. Anyone want to take that bet?

*this is from the Washington Times but I'm actually quoting it from the tattoo on Rexman's soul


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