Washington Redskins Finally Get Something Right

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In one of the very greatest Washington wins this entire 2011 football season, the Skins came from behind in the fourth quarter to beat the Seattle Seahawks. It was a particularly sloppy, ugly game as one ought to have expected. What was truly remarkable was that the run-pass ratio was actually normal.

Rookie Roy Helu, earning the start and a full game of carries, ran the ball 23 times on Sunday. That is equal to his carries in the last three games combined. Result? 108 yards and a TD versus the allegedly 4th ranked Seahawks run defense.

Here's the clue that someone has wised up: although Helu only chipped and chunked through the first three quarters, they kept giving him carries. On their first possession in the fourth quarter, Helu took a pitch off-tackle, hurdled a defender and smashed through some pathetic weakling to score his first career TD.

A running game may not excite Colon Cowherd or the stat nerds who insist that a three yard run is really a loss, but it wins football games in the 4th quarter. Especially for a team whose QB is guaranteed to throw two picks every game.

Next week the Skins play the Jets, whose run defense is a slim shadow of its former self. This is a winnable game, Kyle. Keep running the ball.

n.b. Santana Moss, in his first game back from a broken hand, laying the crucial block


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