Washington Nationals Still Refusing to Pay for an Extra Hour of Metro Service

Tomorrow, the Washington Nationals will begin selling playoff tickets to the general public. (Tickets are already on sale for season ticketholders.) Assuming the Nationals win the division (likely, but not certain), they will end up playing Games 3, 4, and 5 in Washington on October 9, 10, and 11 (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). In order to attract a large national television audience, these games will likely start late, probably just after 8:30 ET.

At the same time, the Nationals continue to refuse to ensure that the Metro will stay open late for the thousands of fans who will use it for the playoff games.

The Metro only runs until 11 pm on weeknights, so it is extremely likely that games will go longer than the Metro cutoff unless the Nationals are willing to pay just under $30,000 per hour to keep the trains running. If they do not, it’s highly unlikely the city will pay. So fans will be forced to choose between leaving a playoff game early or catching the Metro.

Keep in mind that the Nationals are charging nearly double for playoff tickets as for regular season games and that all the games will certainly sell out. Oh, and then there’s the excitement over this team that the Metro issue is only tarnishing.

Dear Nationals, this is an easy decision. You’re going to have to pay for the service anyway. Why not just knock it out of the park now and announce you’ll cover the costs instead of fighting against the city and the public?

You have a lot more to lose by continuing to fight this than you have to gain.

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