Was Childress the Problem When T.O. was on Eagles?


Remember back in 2005 in Philadelphia, when things were going really south for the Eagles, Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens? T.O. had problems with Donovan, the team and even offensive coordinator Brad Childress.

Back then, I thought Owens was being ridiculous. He was causing problems with many people, that maybe him complaining about Childress was a bunch of nonsense. He told Childress not to speak to him because he kept annoying him by saying, “Hey, Terrell.”

“He was antagonizing me,” Owens told Philadelphia reporters in August 2005. “He was not talking to me in a business setting.”

Maybe that didn’t read right in print. Maybe Childress was mispronouncing it saying, “Hey, Tah-RELL.” Maybe that came off as obnoxious and antagonizing. At the time, it seemed like T.O. was being ridiculous.

But, fast forward to now. And listen to Minnesota Vikings WR Bernard Berrian speak about how the locker room perceived Childress. He was asked if Chilly lost the team.

“Yeah, you could say it happened, yeah,” Berrian said. “I mean, yeah it did. I mean it just, I think people got to a point where it was just, it was too overbearing.”

Berrian said the problem is Childress and his personality.

“He was just confrontational,” Berrian said. “I think that was the biggest thing. Instead of, you know, going to players like men and just talking and conversating about it, it was kind of brought to their attention in a confrontational way and just people just didn’t really conform to that way of, I guess, him talking and speaking to his team, or players individually.”

So, maybe T.O. isn’t crazy and maybe Childress is a full-blown asshole. All these years, his quotes about Childress didn’t make sense. How could someone be upset by another person saying hello to them? Well, Owens may be a pain in the backside at times, but from what we know of him, he’s almost always brutally honest.

It’s possible then that Childress was a problem all along. It’s just tough to tell when, in this case, T.O. is your star witness.


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