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Lingerie Bowl VIII was Real Football Championship Game

Perhaps after hearing Christina Aguilera’s ‘Star Mangled Banner’, when halftime rolled around, you just didn’t want to hear any more music from Super Bowl XLV. Maybe after becoming sick to your stomach watching Cameron Diaz feed A-Rod popcorn or watching John Madden text George W. Bush instead or just turning his head and talking to him, you were just tired of watching celebrities in Jerry Jones’ suite. For all I know, you may just not have been a fan of the Black Eyed Peas. Whatever the reason, at half time of the big game, you may have flipped the channel on your TV over to the much anticipated Pay Per View event, “Lingerie Bowl VIII”.

Ok, maybe not…. But the Lingerie Bowl took place on Sunday at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas (what other city would you have expected to have hosted the event.) If you missed it (and I’m guessing you did), the Los Angeles Temptation defeated the Philadelphia Passion in a nail biting thriller, 26-25. The play by play was done by none other than former NFL quarterback and ESPN football analyst, Sean Salisbury. I’m not exactly sure what happened here, Sean must have pissed someone off at ESPN because I didn’t think he was that bad. Even still, couldn’t he have just coached a High School or Pop Warner team or something? Wouldn’t that have been better for his career?

Anyway, according to Ron Kantowski of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “If you were in the crowd of around 3,000 that watched the Los Angeles Temptation edge the Philadelphia Passion 26-25 in Lingerie Bowl VIII and were expecting a table dance to break out, or maybe multiple wardrobe malfunctions, you probably left the Thomas & Mack Center disappointed”, You see, the “saucy little tykes” actually played a pretty decent game of football.

“The blocking was crisp; the tackling fierce.” Kantowski noted. “There was a flea-flicker and two double reverses. Salerno threw a tight spiral from one end of the T&M to the other that a saucy little tyke named Melissa Marguiles hauled in over her shoulder in full stride for a touchdown.

By all accounts the Temptation's Zipphora Chase should have been named the game's Most Valuable Player but wasn’t; instead that honor went to Ashley Salerno, the Los Angeles quarterback, proving the "official" Lingerie Bowl media might have been watching for a wardrobe malfunction rather than the game itself.

The best review I saw of this game was from Stephen Douglas of Big Lead Sports who wrote:

I hear the Lingerie Bowl was playing in the Packers’ locker room during halftime yesterday. When Marguiles caught that bomb Aaron Rodgers pointed at the screen and yelled, “Is that so fucking hard!?” Then he slapped Brett Swain and told him he was getting a hair cut Monday whether he liked it or not. What are we doing here? Oh, yeah – girls playing football in their underwear.

BTW – In case you were wondering, there are no labor issues at the Lingerie Football League (LFL) so if the NFL doesn’t have a season next year, you can still get your football fix.

David Fry is an independent sports photographer currently covering MLB, the NFL & NCAA Football. David will be reporting on observations as he sees them in stadiums throughout the year. You may email David directly @

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