NBA Analysis: Are Warriors Taking Too Long to Hire a Coach?


So the initial interview list of potential coaches for the Golden State Warriors has been released. So far, none of the names have been much of a surprise.

Former Cavs coach, Mike Brown; current Mavs assistant, Dwane Casey; current Celtics assistant, Lawrence Frank; current Lakers assistant, Brian Shaw; and a few others. 

My instant reaction...I think it's good that the Warriors are doing their due diligence on selecting the coach. This is a pretty darn critical step because whoever they hire will define the direction of the team. Joe Lacob has stated he is going to take his time, which is great but don't take too much time because the following can happen:

1. Other teams get the coaches first (like Houston who is looking at both Casey and Frank)
2. The Warriors could head into the NBA Draft withouth a coach which would make the pick potentially useless depending on the system. 

Let's look at how the San Francisco 49ers coaching hire impacted the draft. By bringing in Jim Harbaugh and naming the entire staff, they were able to select players based on the system the 49ers are going to run (crazy concept, right)? Think the 49ers would have drafted Colin Kaepernick out of Nevada if they did not hire their coach? Maybe, but I can tell you as a 49er fan, I feel MUCH better knowing Jim Harbaugh is going to mentor and develop Keapernick.

The Warriors need to take their time for sure, but they better act sooner rather than later. 

By the way, my prediction is the new Warriors coach will NOT be one of the coaches named above... 


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