NBA Fan Take: Warriors Make Odd Decision, Hire Mark Jackson

Apparently 'relevant experience' is not important on a resume, as NBA vet Mark Jackson was named head coach of the Golden State Warriors. 

Jackson has 17 years experience as a player and the exact same number of years experience as a head coach as me... zero. That's right, he has never coached before, not even in high school. Jackson has been a broadcaster with another head coaching target of the Warriors, Jeff Van Gundy. 

The one glaring positive for Mark Jackson is that he played for a year on St. John's with former Warrior, Chris Mullin. Other than that, I'm really not sure what makes this guy a candidate to be a head coach. Hopefully the Warriors surround him with some of the greatest coaching minds in the business as assistants because this will be very interesting.

It's a little bit like the San Francisco 49ers hiring Jim Harbaugh who had no previous NFL coaching experience except did I mention that Mark Jackson has no coaching experience at all.

If Mark Jackson fails, it will be an epic blow to new owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber, who seem to be keen on going for a home run here as opposed to a solid choice.

Very bizarre selection in my mind. This does give me some hope to apply for the CEO of Google position I've been eyeing and since I talk about Google, according to the Warriors, I have enough 'experience'.

Well, welcome to Oak-town Mr. Jackson. You had best introduce yourself to your two 6-feet shooting guards who also play point guard, Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry. I am very interested to see how he fares. 


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