2011 NBA Mock Draft: Potential Targets for Mark Jackson, Warriors

I heart the NBA Draft. I thought about getting that t-shirt but instead just carved it into a tree in my backyard. What's not to love. All we have right now is baseball and NFL lockout talks dominating the sporting world.

But with the NBA Draft, we get endless rumors, crazy hype, mock drafts galore, and the 'what if' top prospect x falls to the Warriors. I know top prospect x never falls to the Warriors but dreams and fantasies are what drive sports fans every day.  

Now in the case of this draft, there really aren't that many top prospects - probably less than 5 so there is really no chance the Warriors land one of them, unless they make a trade or one of the top prospects comes down with some kind of crazy injury or contagious disease.

So what is realistic to expect for the Warriors this year in the draft? And who do we really want? We must look closely and try not to repeat past mistakes. According to the 'mock drafts', the players most commonly linked to the Warriors are:

Klay Thompson - the Washington State sharpshooter apparently has been killing in the workouts and is moving steadily up the charts. I saw on nbadraft.com that his NBA comparison is Marco Belinelli and threw up a little bit in my mouth.

Marcus Morris - the supposed Brook Lopez of the Morris Twins, Marcus Morris is more offensively skilled but projects as a small forward/power forward and his NBA comparison is... wait for it... Al Harrington [insert joke here].

Jan Vesely - the Czech Republic small forward/power forward is one of 2-3 Euros who project to go in the lottery. He may not make it to #11 but Warriors fans might be ok with that because his NBA comparison is none other than Warrior super-bust Mike Dunleavy Jr, perhaps the softest player I have ever seen - which is why I call him 'soft serve'. 

So there you have it, Warriors fans - some of the prospects linked to the Warriors actually are Warriors in new bodies. Can't put a whole lot of stock into it, though but wouldn't be terrible to root for the Warriors taking someone who actually draws comparisons with good former Warriors like Kemba Walker who nbadraft.com compares to Tim Hardaway. Now that is a comparison I could deal with!

Bring on Thursday! 


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