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Warriors Charlie Bell Showed Up Drunk to DUI Hearing

Golden State warriors guard Charlie Bell found himself on the wrong side of the law on Thursday after showing up legally intoxicated to a court hearing for a prior drunken driving case.

According to ABC 12 (WJRT-TV), Bell was jailed yesterday in his hometown of Flint, Michigan when court officials found him to be drunk at, get this, his own drunken driving case. Shockingly, the court's response to 32-year-old Bell thumbing his nose at the law yet again in largely similar fashion as he did in his original offense didn’t endear him to the judge. Once it was confirmed that he had a blood-alcohol level of .09, he was immediately dispatched to the nearest hall of shame.

Bell was then held in Genesee Country’s 67th District Court on a bond violation until he sobered up.

Originally, the Warriors guard was arrested in Flint Township back on Oct. 21 for drunk driving, driving with a suspended license and failure to stop at a stop sign. Clearly he’s matured since then, though.

On the bright side, despite what happened, Bell still isn't the most embarrassing NBA character of the week.

That honor, of course, goes to the Dan Gilbert-puppet known as David Stern.

(Kudos to Mercury Newsfor the find)

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