Don't Forget: Larry Ellison Wanted Jerry West for Warriors

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I LOVE that the Warriors are adding Jerry West to their front office. I don't care what his specific role is. While they are at it, they should hire Jerry Colangelo and Kevin Pritchard.

The more smart minds the better. Especially since the Warriors have lacked some smart minds in the past - as evidenced by some non-smart decisions. 

What is so interesting about this move is that it was a move that was being touted as one of the first things Larry Ellison was going to do when he bought the team. When Joe Lacob and Peter Guber won the bidding at the last minute, it felt like all hope of the Warriors bringing in the Jerry Wests of the world seemed to vanish.

Then the Warriors actually brought in Jerry West. Brilliant! And even smarter (please pardon the pun, Keith), they brought him in prior to selecting a new head coach and prior to the draft. I wonder if the Warriors would have stayed at #11 at the NBA Draft Lottery had West been sitting in Lacob's seat but that's neither here nor there.

The point is, Jerry West is in the fold and suddenly the Warriors are semi-relevant. Go figure! 


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