Warriors Analysis: Klay Thompson, Mark Jackson and a New Identity

The picks are in.

Klay Thompson definitely was not a surprise selection but certainly fills a need for a tall guard with scoring punch off the bench. Or will he be off the bench? If you look at the Warriors roster, it feels like a bit of a hodge-podge of players and talent.

The one thing the Warriors squad that beat Dallas in the playoffs had was an identity first and then players that complemented and fit within that identity. Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, Jason Richardson, Matt Barnes, Mikael Pietrus are examples of guys that fit within Nellie's 'small ball', gritty style of basketball.

I couldn't even tell you what the current stamp is on this Warriors team, which I think is the point and the problem I'm sure Warriors management has identified. Monta Ellis is a dynamic and exciting guard. But what role should he have? Does he even belong on this team? Andris Biedrins has regressed so far that perhaps a change of scenery for him is in order.

If defense is this team's new mission, then it is plainly obvious that the current players do not fit on this team. David Lee, Stephen Curry, and Monta Ellis are a lot of things, but defensively-minded is not one of them. If these three players are the core of your team, then you've got a large chasm developing between what you want your team to be and the players you have on your team to fulfill that mission.

What this tells me is that the Warriors team as we know it is likely to change. Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins seem to be the most likely to change, although I can see David Lee shifting as well. It's just common sense - the Warriors can not win with the players they have now, no matter who is the coach. For them to succeed, there need to be major changes.

I think these changes are on the horizon.  


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