NBA Fan Take: Warriors to Trade Monta Ellis?

First it was new Warriors owner Joe Lacob who promised 'a splash'. What he never promised was a timeframe for said splash.

As Warriors fans know, no splash has been felt. In fact, not even a small ripple has been felt.

But, with Jerry West on board, it feels like the trade waves are swelling and a splash may not be too far away. The player in the middle of trade chatter once again is Monta Ellis.

This is not the first time Monta has been rumored in trades. In fact, the Warriors supposedly came close to pulling the trigger only a year or two ago with the Memphis Grizzlies for OJ Mayo and Hasheem Thabeet and others. And, the continued conventional wisdom is that Monta and Stephen Curry cannot 'coexist' together.

Jerry West intimated that they are both small (thanks for that, Jerry) and he left the door open for one to be moved. 

Based on what we know about ownership and about fans, as well as what other teams might need, Monta Ellis does seem to be the centerpiece for a trade, moving Steph Curry into a leadership role and opening the door for the Warriors to potentially draft a very good #2 guard if they can move Monta for some size.

Teams that may need a scoring threat like Monta include the Chicago Bulls, Philadelphia 76ers and the Minnesota Timberwolves. 

Bottom line, the Warriors are not going to draft a difference maker in a weak draft where they have the #11 pick. But, if they can trade Monta for some depth in the front court and/or backcourt and draft a player like Colorado's Alec Burks (6'6") or Washington State's Klay Thompson (6'7") who are considered good defenders and who can both shoot (oh, and they are tall-er). 

The more I hear, the more it feels like we may have seen the last of Monta Ellis in a Warriors uniform. Jerry West said it multiple times, he's had to make difficult trade decisions that he felt helped the team win. Well... team needs to win. Is Monta that "difficult decision"? 


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