Warren Sapp Says Jeremy Shockey Snitched Out Saints to NFL for “Bountygate”

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Now that the punishment for “Bountygate” has been handed down, the next logical step is to determine how the NFL found about the New Orleans Saints’ bounty system in the first place. While no legitimate NFL insider has actually figured the answer to that out yet, Warren Sapp seems to believe he knows the answer.

Via his Twitter:

“Just Heard Who The Snitch Was”

And then:

“BINGO! RT @elnicastro: Shockey..? RT QBKILLA: Just Heard Who The Snitch Was”

Predictably, Shockey took to his own Twitter and claimed the accusations were false.

@QBKILLA@elnicastro my ass!! I don't even play defense! Haha”

And then:

@The_U_of_MIA lol the s**t I hear I killed Hoffa”

And finally:

@QBKILLA really?? Wow did I also have something to do with the um scandal?

The brilliant debate ended there.

How Sapp would know who snitched out the Saints is questionable, but it’s pretty unlikely that he would just randomly pull Shockey’s name out of a hat and try to finger him as the culprit. Someone undoubtedly told him that they believed they knew who the “Bountygate” snitch was, and he simply opted to pass it along to the world without any sort of proof or legitimate verification.

It would be really irresponsible if a real member of the media did this, but given the fact that Sapp is a Shaquille O’Neal-ish sideshow entertainer, nobody really takes his statements all that seriously anyway. 

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