Boxing Round-by-Round Analysis and Recap: Ward vs. Abraham


By Max Parker 

Now that the painfully long and boring Pacquiao vs. Mosley replay is finished, Ward and Abraham should be making their way to the ring momentarily.  

Here comes Abraham first to a lot of boos.  

Ward follows, oddly also to a lot of boos.  

Who is this crowd behind?  

Now it's time for the intros.  Jimmy Lennon Jr. handles the mic.  Abraham is 32-2 with 26 KOs.  Ward is 23-0 with 13 KOs.  The crowd literally sounds like its divided evenly between the fighters.  

The intros are finished.  Here we go! 

Round 1
They square off in the center.  Abraham is the aggressor, moving forward.  Ward looks focused and cautious.  Abraham lands a straight left and Ward slips.  Ward Throws his jabs.  He lands two.  Ward comes forward and clinches and Abraham hammers a right to the body.  Ward tries the counter jab.  He gets it between Abraham's gloves.  Ward is using more upper body movement, while Abraham is standing upright.  Abraham misses badly with a wide right hook.  Abraham feints a right hand.  A close, feeling out round for round 1.

Parker: 10-9 Ward 

Round 2
Ward looks to try to get through the peek-a-boo defense of Abraham.  He doesn't look comfortable yet.  Ward counters with a jab.  Abraham lands a right grazing right hand.  Ward answers with a jab to the body that was a bit low.  The ref tells him to keep the punches up.  Ward lands a quick flurry upstairs.  Ward ducks away from a combo.  Ward tags him with a right to the body.  An "Arthur" chant starts from the crowd.  Abraham misses another wild and wide hook.  They trade punches with 10 seconds left.  Abraham tries to make a it a brawl before the bell.  Another close one, but I score it for Ward again.

Parker: 10-9 Ward 

Round 3
Ward sets up a hook to the body with a double-jab.  Ward has thrown about 10 unanswered punches.  Ward throws about five more jabs.  Abraham lands a stiff jab of his own.  Now Ward lands another.  It's a battle of jabs.  Ward throws a triple-jab at Abraham's gloves.  Abraham lands his own again.  Abraham lands a big right hook.  Ward backs up.  Ward comes forward now to try to land his jabs.  Abraham misses with a left and a right.  Ward lunges with a jab to the body.  Abraham comes forward and Ward ties him up.  Good round for Abraham.

Parker: 10-9 Abraham 

Round 4
Ward goes back to his jab.  Abraham tries to catch him when he comes in.  Ward misses with an uppercut.  Abraham hasn't done much in the rounds fist 30 seconds.   Ward lands a slick flurry upstairs.  Ward's combos look spectacular.  They clinch.  They fight out but there's more clinching.  Ward attempts to fight out, but gets in trouble for punching on the break.  Abraham comes out swinging wildly.  Ward is moving well to get out of the way and land counter jabs.

Parker: 10-9 Ward 

Round 5
Ward keeps the jabs coming, but Abraham's defense is blocking a lot.  He's just not throwing enough to win these crutial rounds.  Ward lands a jab to the body.  Abraham comes forward and misses with another wide left hook.  Ward lands another stiff jab.  Abraham backs up.  That was one of his best jabs of the fight.  Abraham lands a right hook and Ward covers up.  They clinch and Ward punches again on the break.  The ref talks to him again.  More clinching before the bell.  Boos begin from the crowd.

Parker: 10-9 Ward 

Round 6
Ward goes back to the jab.  It seem to be working, he's winning the rounds.  Ward backs Abraham with more jabs.  Abraham comes forward and misses once again and Ward hammers home with a combo.  Abraham tries a combo of haymakers.  They trade punches then clinch.  Ward lands more body shots.  Ward lands another brilliant combo.  Ward is getting into a rhythm which doesn't bode well for Arthur.  More clinching to end the round.

Parker: 10-9 Ward 

Round 7
Ward is the aggressor now.  He's landing excellent, crisp combos.  Abraham looks tired.  Ward's body shots have done their job.  Ward is piling on the punches.  Ward lands a jab, hook, jab, straight, uppercut.  He's looking unstoppable right now.  Abraham hasn't thrown a thing.  Abraham drops his hands.  Ward lands more punishment.  This is a brilliant round of boxing for Ward.  

Parker: 10-9 Ward 

Round 8
Ward comes out swinging, and why not? He's been able to land pretty much everything with very few punches coming back at him.  Ward is mixing up his punches and landing well once again.  Punch stats show that Abraham threw 9 punches last round.  I'm not sure how he expects to win.  Ward lands a jab to the body.  Abraham throws to before a clinch.  Ward comes forward again and Abraham holds him.  Abraham has thrown technique out the window and is just swinging wildly.  Ward will continue to pick him apart unless he looks for the right punch.

Parker 10-9 Ward 

Round 9
Ward keeps pouring on the jab.  Another jab, and another, and another, now a straight right, two more jabs, now a jab to the body.  Abraham hasn't thrown a punch this round yet.  Ward lands jab to the body and one upstairs.  Abraham comes forward and throws to the body and lands a good left up top.  Ward lands a great, stiff jab and Abraham backs off.  Ward lands more jabs.  Ward lands a great left hook right before the bell.  Ward is racking up the rounds.

Parker 10-9 Ward 

Round 10
Ward is landing at will.  Abraham has no fight left in him.  I wouldn't be surprised if he quits.  He looks really frustrated.  Abraham misses with a jab.  Ward keeps landing combos.  Ward switches to southpaw.  Ward lands 2 jabs to the body and Abraham complains of low blows.  Ward peppers him with more punches and Abraham waves him in.  Ward obliges and lands two more combos with nothing coming back at him.  Ward is landing more combos.  Arthur misses with a slow right hook.  Ward takes another.  

Parker: 10-9 Ward 

Round 11
Some swelling is starting to accumulate on both eyes of Abraham.  Abraham comes out with a jab, but misses.  Ward lands a jab.  Abraham lands a counter right hand.  One of his best of the night.  I think he's starting to feel the urgency.  Ward keeps up the jab output.  Ward is getting every punch through and around the gloves of Abraham.  His defense isn't doing much.  Ward throws another jab and another and another.  He mixes it up between head and body.  Abraham misses with two blows to the body.  Abraham comes forward and Ward moves and counters.  

Parker: 10-9 Ward 

Round 12
Final round.  Ward keeps doing what's working.  He lands more jabs and hard combos.  Abraham comes forward.  Ward lands more counters.  Ward misses with a right hook.  Abraham lands two big left hooks.  His best punches of the fight.  Abraham is showing heart, but he needed to show it 3 or 4 rounds ago.  30 seconds left.  Ward isn't stopping, and keeps landing his combos.  Better round for Arthur but it's far too late.
Parker: 10-9 Abraham

Parker: 118-110 Ward

The judges score the bout 120-108, 118-110, 118-111 all for the winner by unanimous decision Andre "S.O.G." Ward 

Ward notes Arthur's power saying that everyone says he hits hard and they're right.  He says he's happy for the victory and he's looking forward to the finals.  

Arthur says he came to fight and came in confident, but disagrees with the judges score cards and says Ward didn't land clean punches.  Arthur says he's "sad" about losing his last three fights but he will stay at super middleweight.   

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