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Want to Make Over $630K/Month? Marry and Divorce Frank McCourt

The Los Angeles Times reported last Friday that L.A. Dodger owner Frank McCourt must pay his estranged wife over $630,000 per month.

Jamie McCourt filed for divorce from her husband on October 27, 2009. She originally asked the court to give her $988,845 per month to “maintain her homes and her lifestyle.”

After accumulating nearly $9 million in legal fees, Jamie and Frank were ordered to sell a property they owned in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The gain from the sale was to be split and used to cover all legal expenses.

The good people at SportsByBrooks did the math and, in order for Jamie McCourt to amass $9 million in legal fees, she would have to have the hardest working legal team in all of law. Based on 10 hours of work per day, every day for six months, she would need to pay $50,000 per day for legal representation.

The judge also ordered the unfortunate Dodger owner to pay $225,000 a month in temporary spousal support, as well as an addition $412,159 a month in costs associated with the seven residences in her name.

All in all, Frank McCourt is laying down $637,159 per month for being one of about 50% of formerly married men who ends up divorcing his wife.


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