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Wagner Prado Wants Another Shot at Phil Davis

Wagner Prado's (8-0-1 NC) UFC debut lasted only 88 seconds after Phil Davis (9-1-1 NC) accidentally poked him in the right eye, stopping the fight and declaring it a No Contest.

"He's very frustrated," said Prado's translator. "He came here to show the world his type of fighting and he didn't care if he won or lost. He wanted to show his type of fighting and that he knows how. He comes to fight and knockout people."

Immediately after the eye poke, the fight was paused and Prado told the doctor he was seeing double, who decided to stop the fight.

"He wants to fight," said Prado's translator. "He doesn't care if he sees two, three persons as he'll hit the one in the middle. He wants to fight. He's a warrior."

Prado's spoke about his training heading into the fight.

"We trained out of team Nogueira, so the plan was [that Prado] was going to try and stay on his feet the first couple of minutes and test his fighting skills," said Prado's translator. "We knew the plan for the first couple of minutes."

Prado is determined to not let this slow him down and already wants another fight.

"If it was possible he wants to fight right now," said Prado's translator. "He would love to fight at UFC 153 on October 13."

A rematch between the two is expected to take place this fall, possibly at UFC on FX 5 in October.

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