Vitor Belfort is Training with Rashad Evans, Blackzilians Now


When thinking about the possible matchups for Jon Jones, Vitor Belfort is not a name you might expect. Given the chaotic turn of events resulting from the UFC 151 cancellation, Belfort was tapped as the next challenger and he couldn't be more thankful.

"How could I not be joyful to fight the best guy at the moment? Everybody from my time retired, and nobody would have that opportunity," Belfort explained.

"The Phenom" comes from an era where guys would take fights on short notice all the time, in stark contrast with Jones' recent decision.

"Lorenzo (UFC Executive) said, 'So many fighters have become divas. They need beauty salons,'" Belfort said. "As soon as he asked me, I said, 'Lorenzo, I come from Carlson Gracie's time. I come from the old days.' I said, 'Let's do it.'"

After accepting the fight, Belfort has decided to train with the Blackzilians in Boca Raton Florida. Among the key team members is Rashad Evans who went the distance versus Jones in his loss at UFC 145. Belfort will be relying on his wisdom to crack the code on "Bones".

"I've got everything I need. I am a warrior. You give me a mission, and I make sure I accomplish that mission, and that's what's in my mind right now. I'll find a way. When we get in that cage, it's just me and him, and I'll find a way."

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