Vitor Belfort Thinks the Fight World Has Become More Complicated Over the Last 15 Years

After 15 years in the UFC, Vitor Belfort (21-9) is one of the few names who remain an active fighter for the organization. Over that time, he has seen fighters change how they train and handle business.

"I believe the fight world became a little complicated and fighters today have this mentality that things run on their time," said Belfort on MMA Weekly. "Can you imagine in my era, they just throw you a pair of gloves and put you in an open weight tournament? Today you need a strategy, a camp, based on the opponent that you fight, and this way they are never ready for short notice fights."

Belfort returns to action when he takes on light heavyweight champion Jon Jones (16-1) at UFC 152. He took the fight on one months notice after several prior champions turned down the chance, as they wanted more time to prepare.

"You cannot take away the business part because we make our living off of the fight, but we need to have our roots in what we are: fighters," said Belfort.

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